Are Analytics Strangling Higher Ed Storytelling?

Google Analytics plays an important role in your marketing strategy. But have we let that obsession go too far? It’s time to get back to the source. Storytelling is simple. So why have we insisted on making it so complicated?
Marketing & Branding /
By: Joseph Master

Landing Pages: What they are, why you need them, and best practices for conversion

Landing pages have one goal: to convert. But for too many higher education institutions, that goal is not being met. If your landing pages are underperforming, you’re likely including one of three key mistakes.
Marketing & Branding /
By: Stephen App

How Social Listening Can Benefit Your Content Marketing

An effective content marketing strategy is built on audience insights, but gaining access to that data can be expensive and challenging. But social listening can provide marketers the real-time audience sentiment they need to deliver powerful, relevant content.
Marketing & Branding /
By: Stephen App

Why Thank You Pages Are A Missed Opportunity

Thank You pages are the easiest lead nurturing tactic you're completely forgetting about. Read on to learn the what, why, and how.
Marketing & Branding /
By: Angela Sanders

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